Cover up tattoos: Things you should know


Do you have a tattoo you do not like and want to do something about it? You have two choices: take it off by laser or make a new tattoo that covers the above. The first option is far more expensive and far more painful. The second costs the same as any other tattoo and probably already have thought about it if you have a tattoo you do not like. If you choose this option, here are some tips that can help you.

Design options may be limited

Covering a tattoo works just like a normal tattoo yourself: you want a design that you like, talk to the tattoo artist and ask quotes. The difference comes to choosing the design, depending on the tattoo you want cover images are simply not working. It’s a matter of finding what works best with the tattoo that you have and also you like. In the end it is important to note that the initial idea you had to cover your old tattoo can not be used and will have to find another design.


The fact cover a tattoo always mean that the new will be bigger. It is important to think about it, you will not cover a large picture with a small tribal design. Thus, having a large tattoo will also mean that you have more freedom in choosing the new tattoo that covers the above. Talk to the tattoo artist that you, can help you determine the size and style.

Covering color

The colors used to cover tattoos are blue, brown and black. They are the best to cover old ink colors such as red or green, yellow or orange not work as well when ancient ink cover especially if it is very dark. Bright colors are best covered with other bright colors and the darker is the new tattoo, best meet the old.

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