We are proud to announce our new online store.

Welcome to ClaveTattoo.com

In this post we will focus on counting the restyling of our online shop.

To start we wanted to expand a little open spaces and make a fresh web and small details of the world of Tattoo.

Always watching the line, and that after all our products besides being to care for your tattoo, also take care of your skin.

We chose black as the main color, you already know that in the world of tattoo is the main color.

On the homepage you will find a complete summary of all we have to offer.

In the product area you can see all the variety that we have for you.

One of the sections that incorporate as a novelty, is that of Culture Tattoo, which add interesting articles from the world of tattoo and products.

Other advantages of this site is that it is bilingual, at the request of our customers we added the English language.online store

Without much else to say only that you go for a walk by it, and enjoy it. … Everything else is welcome constructive comment. online store, online store

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