The art of tattooing against breast cancer


Breast cancer is the most common in women, irrespective of countries or social classes. More and more information available to women and awareness campaigns, but in many cases there is no other choice but to turn to the mastectomy.

Women diagnosed with cancer in one breast or have a high risk of suffering are advised removed one or both breasts, as appropriate. The mastectomy is a very aggressive procedure that can psychologically affect women somente that operation. Not only it can affect them emotionally if not also socially. Discard a part of your body is always traumatic, especially if the breast is an important part of the image of the woman with a great symbolic significance.


The scars left by the operation are seen as a reminder of a difficult time and this is where the art of tattooing intervenes to provide an aesthetic and artistic choice. The tattoo takes away the scars and has been shown to help psychologically to women who have undergone this operation.


The impressive work of these tattooists leaves no trace of the marks on the skin and is a way to beautify an injured part of the body now returns to be beautiful. Floral motifs, animals and other designs are worn by strong women around the world who have overcome a difficult stage of their lives.

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