Preganancy and Tattoo. Things to consider


One of the main reasons for getting a tattoo mark on our skin is a reason that serves as a reminder of a special moment as a way to remember forever. Pregnancy is a major change in the lives of women and some choose to be tattooed to make it even more special.

There is a growing awareness of what it means to tattoo and all that that implies, as the risks and processes of healing and scarring (in have products that can help). It is very difficult to find a tattoo artist or studio willing to tattoo a pregnant. Infection is a possibility, although minimal, that is, not to mention allergic reactions or other mishaps that are even more delicate in a pregnant.


Importate is the woman’s body free from external agents is maintained at the time of breastfeeding. Lactating women should stay healthy naturally as everything that the body possesses is transferred to the embryo.

Weight gain

The skin is elastic and stretches weight gains, which will make the appearance of the tattoo, design and quality are modified. This will affect both previous tuatuajes tattoos as facts during pregnancy.


Resorting to a cecárea is always a possibility to consider. If the doctor will be necessary to open the abdomen to remove the baby, which hubicado a tattoo in that area it will be completely ruined.

Stretch marks

As a result of stretching of the belly skin, stretch marks and tattoos hubicados generated in that area will be deformed. Subsequently it is possible to fix because some tattooists are able to work according to stretch marks and conceal or cover them completely.

If you want a tattoo during pregnancy you should consider these points. Anyway, it is always advisable tattoo before or after pregnancy. It is when you decide taturarte note that the process of healing and healing tattoo is vital. Visit and will find a product to help you take care of your skin and your tattoo.

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