Basic rules for the care of your Tattoo


We all know that in this world there are many tips and tips to follow for skin care and color of the tattoo. Also that each person or tattoo have their own claims or disagreements with some of this care.

What we give you is a list of the
mentioned more and acquaintances.

We invite you to participate and tell us your tricks or tips for skin care after the tattoo.

Let band tattoo at least 24 hours or what prompted the tattooist, is very important to protect the beginning of the bacteria.
Time, wash the tattoo with warm water and possibly with soap suitable for these cases, it is preferably anti microbial. Try to be very careful not to rub the wound.
After cleaning, apply a thin layer of moisturizing and healing cream or wax. We recommend our brand specializing in these cases Key Tattoo.
Then you can apply ointment. Apply a thin layer to the tattoo and do it at least twice a day. Ideally, do not use petroleum-based products.
Follow cleaning and care, always using specific products tattoo post until surface healing.
In the process of healing you have itching, but remember not to take off the crusts, not scratch. It is normal that will pique but only until it heals your skin.
Do not take long showers, avoid going swimming like that tattoo ink not be soaked. And even more important to avoid contact with salinated water.
It is very important in the healing process, that you protect yourself as much as possible of the sunlight.
Well you already have some basic tips which we spoke.

If you did not know, you know how to take care of your skin and the life of your tattoo, and if you know more or you have your own of advice, aportalos in the comments.

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